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Three Challenges for AI-Assisted Decision-Making
Mark Steyvers, Aakriti Kumar (2022)

AI-assisted decision-making: A cognitive modeling approach to infer latent reliance strategies
Heliodoro Tejeda, Aakriti Kumar, Padhraic Smyth & Mark Steyvers (2022)
Computational Brain & Behavior

Comparing models of learning and relearning in large-scale cognitive training data sets
Aakriti Kumar, Aaron Benjamin, Andrew Heathcoate, Mark Steyvers (2022)
NPJ Science of Learning

Meta-learning of Dynamic Policy Adjustments in Inhibitory Control Tasks
Aakriti Kumar, Soumya Chatterjee, Pradeep Shenoy (2022)
Cognitive Science 2022

Explaining Algorithm Aversion with Metacognitive Bandits
Aakriti Kumar, Trisha Patel, Aaron Benjamin, Mark Steyvers (2021)
Workshop on Human-AI Collaboration in Sequential Decision-Making, ICML 2021
Cognitive Science 2021

Metacognitive Bandits: When Do Humans Seek AI Assistance?
Aakriti Kumar, Trisha Patel, Aaron Benjamin, Mark Steyvers (2021)
Social Intelligence in Humans and Robots Workshop, ICRA 2021
Psychonomics 2021

Why Most Studies of Individual Differences With Inhibition Tasks Are Bound To Fail
Jeffrey N. Rouder, Aakriti Kumar, Julia M. Haaf (2019)